Central Office for Information Technology in the Security Sector

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The Cyber-
Authority 4.0

We are the central authority for information technology in the security sector.

As a central service provider for federal authorities with security tasks, ZITiS develops and researches innovative technical solutions, tools and methods that contribute to maintaining internal security in Germany. As the central agency of the Federal Government, we make an active contribution to protecting citizens and helping to secure Germany as a business location by conducting interdisciplinary and inter-agency research and development in the cyber domain and supporting and advising the security authorities on technical issues and strategies.

Who we are

Our digital world contains both opportunities and risks.

Many technologies improve data protection and data security, for example. But these very technologies are also misused for criminal purposes. In addition, the short development cycles in the software and hardware sectors require continuous and innovative further development of technical capabilities so that security authorities can fulfill their legal mandate.

To meet this challenge, the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and the Homeland has created the Central Office for Information Technology in the Security Sector (ZITiS). ZITiS is part of the cyber security strategy of Germany.

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What else?

Here you will find all current dates and news around ZITiS. In addition, we collect here for you our top-secret footage, which gives you a look inside our agency and introduces you to some faces of our faculty. Even if you want to view one of our technical articles or are just looking for a file to download, you are at the right place with just one click.